A question for my students

What do you think when you hear the word, “blogging?” Have you ever blogged or commented on a blog?

Remember, comment based on the “persona” you have been given.

16 thoughts on “A question for my students

  1. When I hear the word “blogging” I think of information . I’ve never personally blogged or commented on a blog.

  2. When I hear the word blogging, I immediately wonder what kind of blog it is, what kind of purpose it serves, and what kinds of things are written there…it immediately sparks my curiousity.

    Yes, I have left comments on blogs before, especially where politics or news items are concerned.

  3. When I hear the word “blogging” I don’t think of Twitter or Facebook. I think of people writing on a spcific topic they are interested or involved in. Like a photographer blogging on topics in their field, etc. I’d totally like to do a classroom blog if I were a teacher!

  4. When I hear blogging I think about someone writing about their opinions or thoughts and putting it on the internet for everyone to read. I have not blogged before, and this is the first time I have commented on a blog post before.

  5. When I hear the word blogging, I think of people having a kind of on-line diary. I do not mean that right about their personal life, necessarily, but they right about what is on their minds, what they are thinking about, what they have been researching, etc. I have never blogged nor commented on a blog.

  6. When I think of a blog, I think of an online journal someone is keeping about their life. I have never commented on a blog before.

  7. When I hear the word “blogging”, I think of people expressing their thoughts and feelings online either with friends or with the public.
    When I had a MySpace and Xanga, I used to comment on people’s blogs.

  8. The weather was really weird yesterday. It hailed for 10 minutes and was then bright and sunny. I just don’t understand texas weather. I grew up here but it still catches me by suprise.

  9. When I hear the word it makes think of someone blogging about their thoughts. I have never blogged before.

  10. When I hear “blogging” I think of people writing their own information, opinions, strories, thoughts, etc. on the web somewhere. If you consider facebook, myspace, or twitter to be blogging , then yes, I have blogged before.

  11. When I hear the word “blogging” I think of people updating or posting new information on a website. I had to blog for my Englsih class semester. I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I always forgot to keep up with my blog for the class.

  12. I think of someone wanting to make their thoughts and ideas public all at once without having to single anyone out. No, I have never blogged before

  13. When I hear the word blogging I think of an online journal. At one point I had a Xanga page where I started to blog, but I didn’t keep up with it. I used to comment on Xanga to my friend’s blogs but that ended once My-space came around

  14. I have personally never blogged before but I have friends that blog. When I hear the word “blogging” I think about people sharing their personal stories and posting information.

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